ARM demoes true octa-core processing on the latest Samsung Exynos 5 Octa chip on video

ARM demoes true octa-core processing on the latest Samsung Exynos 5 Octa chip on video

Just a day after Samsung announced its latest Exynos 5 Octa chipset with ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture, ARM has outed a series of videos that demonstrate how its Heterogeneous Multi-Processing (HMP) actually works.

ARM’s videos outline how the true octa-core implementation of the big.LITTLE architecture works when running apps like QuickOffice and Angry Birds. You can actually see when each of the cores is working and how much load it is currently under.

You’ll notice that the four Cortex-A7 cores are quite capable and the more powerful Cortex-A15 rarely have to kick in. Nevertheless, the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa 5420 chipset with ARM’s big.LITTLE MP Kernel can fire all of the eight at the same time if needed.

Here are the two videos below. The platform that the tests were made is features a four Cortex-A15 cores running at 1.8GHz and four Cortex-A7 cores clocked at 1.3GHz. The GPU is ARM’s Mali-T628 MP6.


Angry Birds

Samsung hopes to deploy the new Exynos 5 Octa big.LITTLE HMP solution in Q4 of this year. The company has remained mum on whether that means existing big.LITTLE chips will get that capability via a software update, though, or if it only applies to upcoming Exynos 5 products.



Genuinely Advisable Cases for Xperia L39H

Genuinely Advisable Cases for Xperia L39H

The patterns Xperiaz1case have so many styles that all kinds of people can find their loved ones. Though the purposes of purchasing Xperia Z1 covers are different, there is a consensus users arrive at on the point that covers must be lightweight. The prosperity of this business lies in the latest created cases for iPad Mini. This is a rather good piece of news for each of the avid users of iPad Mini, for it means that they can use more and more desirable covers to make their investment worthwhile.

Speaking of fashionable xperia z1 case, we have to mention stand covers. Different from all the other counterparts, this trend is designed out of rather creative idea on the part of the designers.The uniqueness of this Xperia Z1 cover lies in its stand pattern that enables users to watch videos on the cell phone at ease by providing more than one viewing angle.The extra bracket can hold Xperia Z1 in place so as to avoid slipping.The fashion of the extraordinary case lies in the leather material ,which used by the designers.The Lizard-patterned surface often gives us a pleasant touch feel. The great strength can always reduce the harms caused by bumping or collision.The wearable protector overcomes your carelessness about your machine and keeps your machine safe.Appreciation of this Xperia Z1 cover also goes to its delicate workmanship, which may be seen from its slim design and precise cut-outs. In a nutshell, it is very realistic to depend on this harmonious cover to match your high-end cell phone. Besides all of these, stand cases for Xperia Z1 are also dyed in various colorings and thus being made rather eye-pleasing.

Once you see its good appearance,you can’t help to purchase the crocodile flip cases to match your machine.The products within this category, though styles varying a lot, are all made out of first-class PU leather material. As mentioned before, this is a rather strong and supple substance. To get rid of the upcoming abrasion, we need such a wearable case.Whether the practical use or the stylish look,the Xperia Z1 cover is able to offer. First of all, the skin pattern is in line with the newest fashion.Extra enjoyment can also be expected when you compare it to an intelligent flip book with indication window.

Crocodile flip leather cases can have variations, as can be exemplified by the Borofone crocodile genuine leather flip cover.The popular cover lies in the grain cattle skin with embossed super fiber.On the whole, it is out of one-piece design without any stitching. The handmade craftsmanship contributes to the full display of its faultless quality and sophisticated flavor. These are the reasons why it has become such a distinctive trend out of the Borofone category.


Ways to care for Accessorizing Galaxy N9000 with Proper Coverss

Ways to care for Accessorizing Galaxy N9000 with Proper Coverss

Using the wearable GalaxyNote3cases to keep your machine safe. Every day the accessory market witness the coming up of such new defending tools. All of them are endowed with their features.It is vital to attract more customers¡¯attention by emphasizing the two aspects of qualities.To what extent it can bring safety is the first and foremost concern of the potential users. Secondly, they also think too much about if the chosen cover can go well with Galaxy Note 3

The simplicity-flavored trends target the group of users who are not particular about the detailing. Like many other users, you attach great importance to the outstanding durability of the cover.The durability of the cover comes first in the customers¡¯requirement.To cater for these pragmatists, designers work out simplicity-themed bumpers.The austere flavor just goes extremely well with their sober aesthetic value. As a matter of fact. The fashion elements have been integrated in an invisible way in the process of designing metal bumpers and TPU frame casesYou can see this from these evidences ,such as ultra-thin thickness ,durable ingredient and the enriched coloring.Such a series of Galaxy Note 3 Case surpass all the other versions in terms of convenience and handiness.

We have to admit that bumpers have a minor shortcoming, as can be seen from its failure to provide adequate protection for the display. That¡¯s why a lot of users prefer other Galaxy Note 3 Case to bumpers, for they need a trend able to offer more comprehensive protection.Seeing this shortcoming ,Galaxy Note 3 Case are preferred more by users than other covers,for Galaxy Note 3 Case can offer better protection. This preference drives them to opt for such trends as wallet cases, leather covers and flip cases.The typical qualities of these versatile covers can be seen from the analysis of genuine leather cover.We are aware of the importance to fulfilling the defensive role. Made out of strongest genuine leather, these leather cases are supposed to be more tough than the metal bumpers. Generally speaking, leather is not as crisp as metal. Leather covers possess more advantages over metallic bumpers, such as its pleasant softness, precise cutouts and colorful prints .

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Classic Samsung Galaxy S4 S View Flip Case for Professional Individuals

Classic Samsung Galaxy S4 S View Flip Case for Professional Individuals

Because of its super elegance, Galaxy S4 S View Flip case now had been developed a group of accessories exclusively favored by the largest number of business users. business are motivated to buy S View Flip Covers for Galaxy S4 out of their immense interest in the alluring designs and the charms manifested by the protectors' functionality. Each of the S View Flip Covers bears these praisable qualities.

There are many types of materials designers can use to make S View Flip Covers for Galaxy S4. Generally speaking, producers and designers like to use Polycarbonate and leather material. They are both manmade material and have all the merits of the other materials . The qualities might be summed up like this, S View Flip Covers are supple and flexible; further more, nearly any harm your cell phone might be exposed to can be prevented to a certain degree. For S View Flip Covers' aesthetical beauty, business often stop their eyes and find it's irresistible to move their mind to other case choice.If you want to add additional decency to your machine, it is better to use a Rock slim cover as a protector. Many users will come to a conclusion that the leather material case could be a great solution on case choosing, no matter he is a novice or a veteran user.

Furthermore, all the great durability of S View Flip case is based on daily experience without any exaggeration, and the perfect performance on anti-breaking and distorting has been proofed by all ROCK S View Flip case users. Though you will list more protectors with equally outstanding durability, the chic appearance of Rock Galaxy Slim cover is above them all. The ultra thin design as well as the super lightweight could be an important element which makes ROCK case so popular on the market. Baking is a common workmanship process during the entire case manufacturing, yet leather case is hard to pass this procedure and a lot of no-good case will cost a lot more for the high-rate NG, yet leather s view galaxy s4 cover is totally far away from this problem. The interior is rather smooth and silver white in color. Meanwhile, the super anti-fingerprints makes you far away from the nuisance of sweat stains to spoil your high-end Galaxy S4 impression. Colorfulness gives you more enjoyment and designers have made it quite an eyesight to see these s4 s view cover.

Pretty GGMM Covers are also what business are extremely fond of. Of miscellaneous options in this group, those Frosted Hard Back Cover Covers sell best. The great touching feeling will focus your attention on leather S View Flip case and become a loyalty followers.What make it unique are its anti-shock and anti-scratch functions.Furthermore, the exact cuttings keep this protecting screen proportionate to your Galaxy S4, allowing for your free access to the functional ports.Both the interfaces and connectors are easily reachable.The ease of using this S View Flip case can also be seen from its convenient installation and removal. A simple glimpse of the case can instantly make you believe the Covers are incomparably chic. Plus the fresh but chic colors, the S View Flip case's magic become even more. A suitable dress could increase ones' confidence to some extend, an outstanding case could also be a very good helps with a same effect.


Most Valuable Case for Galaxy Mega

Most Valuable Case for Galaxy Mega

It is not until irrevocable damages have been brought to your Galaxy Mega that you feel regretful. Only through using a strong case for samsung galaxy mega to protect your Galaxy Mega can you avoid such unlucky results.

As we all know, it’s better if we get a protective case at the first moment of purchasing a new device. In another words, designers is glad to see their designed case get well received among customers. At this moment they are relieved to see how fruitful their endeavor can be. The direct result is designers’ enthusiasm motivate them to achieve another development as well as endeavor more spirit and energy into their job and do a good job. The result is that they appear increasingly imaginative and show great willingness to promote the growth of the large numbers of diversified case.

If you dream of having a Galaxy Mega cover exuding rare beauty, then it is better to decide on such trends like the Punk Spiked replacement battery cover flip for galaxy mega 6.3. This handmade trend is all made of electroplating PC material.The retro flavor is strengthened to quite a high degree with the fashion studded rivets. Dependable strength can also free your from the worries that your machine can go worn out or scratched, thus the original appearance retained to full extent. Besides the abovementioned merits, the precise size of the holes and cut-outs left on the cover guarantees your convenient reaching of the feature ports and free connection of the wires.

It’s a basic features for a protective mega 6.3 case offering a great protection on Galaxy Mega. Designers know this clearly and they often take the first step to decide on the proper material. In this situation, leather and superfiber become the most popular material on case-making. For the leather and fiber material outstanding features on protection, more and more case are based on this sort of material and less smart phone get sorry damages as time goes. Slim design is the trend of the market and requirement, this demand the case should not take up a lot space and make the slim Galaxy Mega a huge one again, luckily, leather case and fiber case contribute great protection and also performs good on the thickness, which add no bulk and keeps the Galaxy Mega still a non-thick gadget even armed the leather case. Here one cover enters into calculation, i.e. the ROCK Luxury Handmade Knit Leather Wallet Case. Its name has revealed you that this case can be opened in the same as we open a wallet.Though no exotic design, the fashion grid pattern can be regarded as an extra chic element. You may say too luxury case are not so practical, but you will take back your words after seeing how comprehensive its protecting ability is. There are cutouts and a flip on the wallet case, which makes it stand out from other common cover. From the advantages on protection and fashion, it’s definitely a worthwhile to arm your Galaxy Mega a protective case.

Well, the creative is endless if you come to the Galaxy Mega battery case, we all know that the most disadvantage of smart phone is the battery. From its name you should get to know that how powerful of this case’s feature. Occasionally your sadness might be caused by the limitedness of the standby time of Galaxy Mega, now the battery case can prevent it once for all.This practical protector can shield your machine and strengthen your enjoyment as well. This versatile battery case is also slim and handy. Artistic value is seen from its fantastic and diversified styles. It’s also follow the latest fashion trend with practical performance.


Adaptable case for Galaxy Mega

Adaptable case for Galaxy Mega

Occasional careless can make your Galaxy Mega never recover from the damages. You could stand far away from this unexpected damages as using a samsung mega kapak to have it under protection.

It’s a common sense that a smart phone protector could meet the customers’ urgent requirement as soon as they get the gadget.However, designers also derive great pleasure from witness their products well received. When it comes to this moment, every designers will glad to get the plenty of harvest from their endeavor.As a result, they find more enthusiasm in their work in turn. Owing to their hard work and great creativity, we have more and more choice on Galaxy Mega Case and all the case are more and more fashion on design and patterns.

If you dream of having a Galaxy Mega cover exuding rare beauty, then it is better to decide on such trends like the Punk Spiked flip cover for galaxy mega 6.3.This is a purely handmade trend that is made of electroplating PC material. The vintage theme is mainly manifested by the use of fashion studded rivets.Good performance of it lies in the strength as well, which can resist all the unexpected threats to the security and original appearance of your machine.In addition to the above, your access to all the function ports is also out of question for precise cutouts will serve as interfaces.

Effective protection of the machine is often thought to be the foremost task of Galaxy Mega cover.Accordingly, the most important concern is to sort out a most durable material. From the durability as well as super delicate texture, superfiber and leather become the most-often material on case-manufacturing. Galaxy Mega cover made out of such materials still appear pleasantly supple and strong.Nowadays, Galaxy Mega Users are fond of slim gadgets, plus the must have protection function, leather case and fiber case both solve this problem better if you compared to other case. As a brand case, ROCK also released some leather case series with different stylish. There are also some creative case which of a wallet function for the daily credit cards and ID cards, this brings a great convenience to the daily life.This cover is conservative in nature, while chic grid patterns still help it exude sparkling beauty. You may say too luxury case are not so practical, but you will take back your words after seeing how comprehensive its protecting ability is. The wallet case is often with a strap which makes the Galaxy Mega a more fashion impression besides of the well-known great protection function. Your determination to buy such a Galaxy Mega cover matching your machine will be rewarding.

Galaxy Mega battery case is another best solution for the protection as well to performs your Galaxy Mega’s features to a long running time. Not only can it supposedly protect your machine, but it also serves as extra power source. You may experienced the hard time when your Galaxy Mega’s power is low, yet the battery case will solve this within 1 second. You could not find on other accessory which of some more practical points. This versatile battery case is also slim and handy. Artistic value is seen from its fantastic and diversified styles. It best represents the ideology of protector design, i.e. strength, multi-function and fashion.


BestSony Xperia Z Ultra Flip Case for Women

BestSony Xperia Z Ultra Flip Case for Women

Women users are pursuing the increasingly attractive Flip cases to fit their Xperia Z Ultra, for they believe this kind of protector are exclusively designed for them, Some female attend to the Flip case if they compared its features to other case on designs and powerful functions, also some of them will buy it as their first sight on a impulse action.

There are many types of materials designers can use to make Flip cases for Xperia Z Ultra from www.xperiazultracase.com, Polycarbonate and PC material are two commonly used ingredient preferred by manufacturers and designers, Even if both are man-made material, yet their features are as good as other popular ones such as leather material, aluminum alloy etc. For the PC material's durability and comfortable touch feeling, many people likes to choose the PC material as their protective case's option. Aesthetically beautiful, most Flip cases have become irresistible temptations for women users of Xperia Z Ultra,

Rock slim cover is such a case that enables your Xperia Z Ultra to look more appealing, Many users will come to a conclusion that the PC material case could be a great solution on case choosing, no matter he is a novice or a veteran user.

Rock slim case enjoyed such as highly reputation only for the PC material advantages which shows the power as your mobile meet scratches as well as spoiling. Even if the other trends might be equally strong, as you may say, the flattering effects Rock slim covers for Xperia Z Ultra creates are beyond all comparisons,ROCK slim covers, as suggested by its name, is ultra-tin and therefore very light, Baking is a common workmanship process during the entire case manufacturing, yet TPU case is hard to pass this procedure and a lot of no-good case will cost a lot more for the high-rate NG, yet PC Flip case is totally far away from this problem. The interior is rather smooth and silver white in color,The exquisiteness of this trendy and powerful protector for Xperia Z Ultra also consists in its fingerprint-proof capability, which makes no sweat stain spoil the integrity and cleanness, PC Material support multi-colors compatibility which makes the colors handling an easy job, this is the reason why xperia zu case often provide us much more option on colors, and also it's the reason why seems so fresh on color and professional and natura.

GGMM cases also belong to female users because of their cuteness, there is another special Flip case worth mentioning for it sells best on the market, With the super experience on its touching and natural texture, you may find it's a little hard to hand down your Xperia Z Ultra which armed with GGMM Flip case. It is welcomed also because of its anti-shock function to resist scratches, Do not worry you will not reach the function ports of your Xperia Z Ultra, for there are exact holes opened on the Flip case, This makes you don't need to remove the case to enjoy other features of Xperia Z Ultra, just like it's not there yet with an extra protection at the same time.Every time you put on or remove the GGMM cases you will find how convenient it is,Any woman keeping observant eye on fashion can find the current vogues underlying the detailing of these Flip cases for xperia zu,Fashionable patterns are also enriched by the use of rich colors,They can give the women users a feeling of confidence and pleasure, besides serving the practical purpose of holding the smart phones in place,